Top Crowdfunding Consulting Services to Boost Your Campaign

expert crowdfunding campaign support

To boost your crowdfunding campaign, consider partnering with top consulting services like Backercamp, The Crowdfunding Formula, and Glide Agency. Backercamp excels in performance-driven marketing, while The Crowdfunding Formula offers comprehensive support with data-driven strategies. Glide Agency focuses on media planning and influencer marketing. GrowthTurbine and Brand Refinery also provide expert consulting with a reputation for success. AffleGo specializes in crafting engaging pitches and infographics, while LaunchBoom is known for optimizing campaigns. Rainfactory offers a full-service approach with hands-on social media marketing. Each of these services has a proven track record, and there's more to discover about their methods.

Main Points

  • Backercamp specializes in performance-driven marketing and has helped over 5000 projects connect with investors.
  • The Crowdfunding Formula excels in data-driven insights and offers comprehensive support services for crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Glide Agency utilizes influencer marketing and data-driven insights to optimize equity crowdfunding campaigns.
  • GrowthTurbine focuses on social media campaigns and landing page design with a lower fee structure.
  • Rainfactory provides full-service crowdfunding marketing and expert consulting with a proven track record of $504 million raised.


Backercamp has become a cornerstone in the crowdfunding industry, helping over 5000 projects connect with investors and spending over $100 million on ads. If you're looking to break free from traditional funding constraints, Backercamp's approach might just be your ticket. This agency specializes in performance-driven marketing services, ensuring that every dollar you spend is optimized for a high return on investment (ROI).

Their consulting services are designed to elevate your crowdfunding campaigns to new heights. By leveraging analytics, Backercamp can fine-tune the marketing strategies that best suit your project. They don't just stop at analytics; they offer a hands-on approach to social media campaigns, ensuring your project gets the visibility it needs.

One standout feature of Backercamp is its impressive success rate, attributed to their lower fee structure and focused spending. Since their establishment in 2010, they've raised over $504 million for 4500 projects, proving their methods work.

With expert consulting and targeted social media strategies, Backercamp ensures that your crowdfunding campaign is set up for success. If you're aiming for freedom in how you fund your projects, Backercamp's comprehensive services can guide you every step of the way.

The Crowdfunding Formula

The Crowdfunding Formula excels by using proven campaign strategies and data-driven insights to maximize your project's success.

Their comprehensive support services ensure you get expert guidance at every step, from social media campaigns to landing page design.

With their help, you can focus on your vision while they handle the intricacies of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Proven Campaign Strategies

Unlock the secrets to a successful crowdfunding campaign with strategies honed by The Crowdfunding Formula's decade of expertise. Their proven campaign strategies have propelled over 4500 projects to raise more than $504 million since 2010. By focusing on key areas like social media campaigns and landing page design, they ensure your campaign reaches its maximum potential.

As a full-service marketing agency, The Crowdfunding Formula excels in leveraging social media influencers, running effective Facebook ads, and handling crowdfunding PR. Their hands-on approach means you're not left guessing; instead, you're guided by an experienced team dedicated to meeting your funding goals. The company's high success rate speaks volumes about their effectiveness, particularly in Indiegogo and Kickstarter marketing.

Your journey to crowdfunding success starts with a well-designed landing page that captures attention and converts visitors into backers. Coupled with targeted social media campaigns, these strategies create a powerful momentum that drives your campaign forward.

Whether you're new to crowdfunding or looking to refine your approach, The Crowdfunding Formula offers the expertise and tools needed to achieve your financial objectives. With their proven methods, you can confidently navigate the crowdfunding landscape and reach your funding goals.

Data-Driven Insights

Harnessing the power of data-driven insights, The Crowdfunding Formula enables your campaign to target backers more effectively and optimize every aspect of your strategy. By analyzing past performances and current trends, they help you make informed decisions that boost your campaign's success.

The Crowdfunding Formula's expert consulting offers a hands-on approach, focusing on social media to maximize reach. They utilize social media influencers, Facebook ads, and crowdfunding PR to ensure your message gets to the right people. With over 5,000 projects and $504 million raised since 2010, their track record speaks for itself.

Here's a quick look at how they leverage data-driven insights:

Key Area Strategy
Social Media Campaigns Tailored content to engage your target audience effectively
Facebook Ads Optimized ad spends to reach potential backers at a lower cost
Crowdfunding PR Data-driven press releases to attract media attention and backers

Comprehensive Support Services

If you're looking for top-notch support for your crowdfunding campaign, you'll find comprehensive services with The Crowdfunding Formula. Specializing in Indiegogo and Kickstarter marketing, they've been a trusted name since 2010. With over 4500 projects under their belt and $504 million raised for clients, their track record speaks for itself.

The Crowdfunding Formula excels at providing a hands-on approach to ensure your campaign's success. Their services include social media campaigns and influencer marketing to boost visibility and engagement. Their expert consulting helps you fine-tune every aspect of your campaign, ensuring you get the best possible results.

One of their standout features is their lower fees, which make their high-quality services more accessible. Their marketing strategies are designed to maximize impact with focused spends, giving you the most bang for your buck.

As a full-service agency, they offer a range of services, including Facebook ads and crowdfunding PR, all aimed at driving campaign success.

Glide Agency

Glide Agency has a proven track record of raising over $30 million for equity crowdfunding, helping companies like Tiller and Thrive secure essential funds. This achievement showcases their expertise in crowdfunding marketing and their ability to execute successful campaigns.

Glide Agency excels in various aspects critical to a crowdfunding campaign's success. They offer a suite of services tailored to boost your campaign's potential.

  • Media planning: Strategically plan and allocate your media budget to maximize reach and impact.
  • Conversion rate optimization: Improve your campaign's efficiency by increasing the percentage of visitors who become backers.
  • Influencer marketing: Leverage influential personalities to expand your campaign's visibility and credibility.
  • Content creation: Craft compelling and resonant content that engages and motivates your audience.
  • Data-driven insights: Utilize analytics to inform decisions and refine strategies for optimal outcomes.

With their status as a Meta and Google Business Partner, Glide Agency ensures your campaign benefits from the latest digital marketing technologies and practices. Their comprehensive strategies, backed by data-driven insights, make them a top choice for those seeking freedom and success in their fundraising efforts.

If you aim to make your equity crowdfunding campaign a triumph, Glide Agency's expertise in media planning and influencer marketing is invaluable.


GrowthTurbine has been revolutionizing the crowdfunding landscape since 2010, helping over 4500 projects raise a staggering $504 million. If you're looking to boost your campaign's success, GrowthTurbine offers expert consulting services tailored to your needs. With a hands-on approach, they guide you through every step, ensuring your campaign gets the attention it deserves.

Specializing in social media campaigns, GrowthTurbine knows how to leverage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to generate buzz and attract backers. They also excel in landing page design, creating visually appealing and persuasive pages that convert visitors into supporters. Their expertise in crowdfunding consulting means you're not just getting advice; you're getting a partner committed to your campaign's success.

One of the standout features of GrowthTurbine is their lower fee structure. They focus on making the most of your budget, investing in areas that yield the highest returns. This approach contributes to their high success rate, making them a top choice for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you're ready to take your crowdfunding campaign to the next level, GrowthTurbine's expert consulting services could be the key to unlocking your freedom.

Brand Refinery

With a reputation for excellence in the crowdfunding industry, Brand Refinery offers full-service marketing solutions that drive campaign success. They've worked on over 4500 projects and raised $504 million, showcasing their expertise and commitment to results. Their approach includes expert consulting services, which cover everything from social media campaigns to landing page design.

Brand Refinery's lower fees and focused spending contribute to a high success rate in crowdfunding projects. They leverage social media influencers and Facebook ads to maximize reach and engagement, ensuring your campaign gets the attention it deserves. Their crowdfunding PR strategies are designed to create buzz and drive traffic to your campaign.

When you work with Brand Refinery, you get:

  • Expert consulting services: Tailored advice and strategies to fit your campaign's unique needs.
  • High success rate: Proven track record in raising substantial funds.
  • Social media campaigns: Effective use of platforms to boost visibility.
  • Landing page design: Professional pages that convert visitors into backers.
  • Crowdfunding PR: Techniques to generate media coverage and public interest.

For those seeking a crowdfunding consulting service that combines expertise with proven results, Brand Refinery is an excellent choice. Their comprehensive approach ensures every aspect of your campaign is optimized for success.


AffleGo stands out with its unique campaign strategies tailored to attract investors and ensure campaign success.

You'll benefit from their expert consultation team, which offers invaluable insights and guidance for your crowdfunding journey.

With proven success metrics, AffleGo's comprehensive approach helps you reach your funding goals efficiently.

Unique Campaign Strategies

To supercharge your crowdfunding campaign, AffleGo crafts unique strategies that combine killer pitches and high-quality infographics to captivate investors. By partnering with this premier crowdfunding marketing agency, you tap into a treasure trove of digital marketing tactics designed to maximize your reach and funding potential.

AffleGo's approach includes leveraging social media platforms and influencer marketing to create buzz and drive engagement. Their full-service solutions cover every aspect of your campaign, from crafting compelling content to managing PR, email, and social media strategies. This ensures a cohesive and effective campaign that resonates with your target audience.

Their unique strategies include:

  • Crafting killer pitches: AffleGo helps you articulate your vision in a way that grabs attention and holds it.
  • Creating high-quality infographics: Visual storytelling is key to engaging potential investors and conveying complex ideas simply.
  • Leveraging influencer marketing: Collaborating with influencers can amplify your message and broaden your reach.
  • Utilizing social media platforms: Strategic use of social media ensures your campaign is seen by the right people.
  • Providing post-campaign analytics: AffleGo evaluates your campaign's success and impact, offering insights for future endeavors.

Expert Consultation Team

Building on these unique strategies, you'll benefit from the expertise of AffleGo's seasoned consultation team, established in 2010. This team has a wealth of experience in crafting successful crowdfunding campaigns. They've helped raise $504 million across over 4500 projects. You can trust their knowledge and dedication to guide your campaign to success.

AffleGo's expert consultation services are tailored to meet your unique crowdfunding goals and needs. They provide hands-on social media campaigns that engage potential backers and drive traffic to your project. Their specialized landing page design ensures that your campaign stands out and converts visitors into supporters.

One of the standout features of AffleGo's consultation team is their approach to lower fees. By focusing on essential spending, they ensure that more of your budget goes directly into your campaign. This efficient allocation of resources contributes to a high success rate for their clients.

Choosing AffleGo means you'll work with a team that understands the intricacies of crowdfunding. Their strategic planning, combined with expert execution, will give your project the best chance for crowdfunding success. With AffleGo, you're not just launching a campaign; you're setting up for victory.

Proven Success Metrics

With a track record of raising $504 million across over 4500 projects, AffleGo demonstrates undeniable success in the crowdfunding arena. Their proven track record is a testament to their expertise in managing crowdfunding campaigns effectively. AffleGo's success rate is bolstered by several key factors that set them apart from the competition.

  • Hands-on social media campaigns: AffleGo crafts targeted social media strategies to maximize reach and engagement.
  • Tailored landing page design: They create custom landing pages that resonate with potential backers, driving higher conversion rates.
  • Lower fees: Their competitive fee structure ensures more of your funds go directly into the campaign.
  • Focused spending approach: AffleGo's meticulous allocation of resources ensures every dollar is spent efficiently.
  • Established expertise: With over a decade of experience, they know what it takes to succeed.

AffleGo's approach to crowdfunding campaigns isn't just about raising funds; it's about creating a compelling narrative and using the right tools to reach your audience. Their proven success rate and strategic methods mean you'll have a higher chance of meeting—and even exceeding—your funding goals.

With their help, your crowdfunding campaign could be the next big success story.


LaunchBoom exemplifies expertise in crowdfunding, having raised over $18 million for product campaigns across 40 countries. As a premier crowdfunding agency, LaunchBoom specializes in launching and optimizing crowdfunding campaigns to ensure their success. They focus on product campaigns and offer unique services to help clients expand into new markets. If you're looking to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign, LaunchBoom has got you covered.

One of their key strengths lies in post-campaign analytics. By analyzing data after a campaign ends, LaunchBoom helps you understand what worked and what didn't. This insight allows you to refine your strategies for future product launches. Their team has worked on 4500 projects since 2010, raising over $504 million in funding. With such extensive experience, you can trust them to guide your campaign to success.

LaunchBoom also excels in expanding your reach. They can help you tap into new markets, ensuring your product gets the attention it deserves. This holistic approach, from campaign launch to post-campaign analysis, makes them a standout choice for anyone aiming to optimize their crowdfunding efforts.

With LaunchBoom, you're not just launching a product; you're launching a movement.


Rainfactory stands out as a top-tier crowdfunding consulting service with a proven track record since 2010. With over 4,500 projects and $504 million raised, their expertise is undeniable. They offer a full-service crowdfunding marketing approach, encompassing everything from social media marketing to crowdfunding PR.

One of the key benefits of partnering with Rainfactory is their experienced team, which provides expert consulting tailored to your campaign's specific needs. They focus on maximizing outcomes while keeping costs reasonable. Here's what you can expect:

  • Hands-on social media marketing
  • Engaging Facebook ads
  • Effective crowdfunding PR
  • Custom landing page design
  • High success rate for crowdfunding campaigns

Rainfactory's comprehensive services ensure you're well-equipped to navigate the complex world of crowdfunding.

Their hands-on approach in social media marketing helps you connect with your audience effectively, while their full-service crowdfunding marketing strategies are designed to boost visibility and engagement.

Their expert consulting and custom landing page design are tailored to create a seamless user experience, driving more backers to your campaign.

By capitalizing on their extensive expertise and proven methods, you'll be setting your campaign up for success.

If you're looking for a reliable partner for your crowdfunding journey, Rainfactory is a top choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Determine the Best Crowdfunding Platform for My Project?

Evaluate fees, audience demographics, and platform success rates. Check customer support, resources, and features like analytics and marketing tools. This way, you'll find the best crowdfunding platform that aligns with your project's goals and needs.

What Are the Typical Costs Associated With Hiring a Crowdfunding Consultant?

You'll find crowdfunding consultant costs range from $1,000 to $10,000 monthly or 5% to 10% of raised funds. Hourly rates are about $100 to $300. Don't forget to clarify all costs upfront to avoid surprises.

How Do I Protect My Intellectual Property During a Crowdfunding Campaign?

Think of your intellectual property as a treasure chest. Use NDAs to lock it up, file patents to claim it, and secure your campaign page. Work with an IP attorney and stay vigilant for any infringement.

What Are the Best Practices for Creating Compelling Campaign Videos?

To create compelling campaign videos, keep them short and engaging. Use high-quality visuals, tell a captivating story, and add product demos, testimonials, and calls to action. Enhance with music and graphics for maximum impact.

How Important Is Social Media Presence in a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?

Think of social media as the wind beneath your wings. You can't afford to ignore it. A strong social media presence amplifies your reach, engages potential backers, and significantly increases your chances of crowdfunding success.


Choosing the right crowdfunding consulting service is like finding the perfect coach for a sports team. Backercamp, The Crowdfunding Formula, and others each offer unique strengths to supercharge your campaign.

LaunchBoom, for instance, boasts a 90% success rate, much like a coach with a winning record. By leveraging their expertise, you'll be better equipped to reach your funding goals.

So, pick your consultant wisely and watch your campaign soar to new heights.


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