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You might find the 'Out and About' Kickstarter campaign intriguing, especially considering its impressive fundraising success and the enthusiastic community it has built. This campaign didn't just meet its target; it surpassed it by engaging 3,159 backers with personalized contributions and strategic stretch goals. The game itself promises a unique experience, blending open-world exploration with a focus on sustainability and customization. What really sets it apart, however, is how backers were given the chance to influence game updates and improvements directly. But how did this campaign manage to maintain transparency and community interaction while aiming for console expansion? There's much more to uncover.

Main Points

  • Raised £137,904 from 3,159 backers, emphasizing personalized contributions and digital editions.
  • Regular updates and transparency kept backers engaged and involved in the development process.
  • Stretch goals included new features and console expansion, broadening the game's accessibility.
  • Early access benefits included exclusive outfits, special in-game rewards, and direct influence on game improvements.
  • Community-driven development valued player feedback, shaping the game's future through suggestions and engagement.

Game Overview

'Out and About' is a relaxing life simulator that lets players customize their characters, explore an open world, gather plants, cook recipes, and build a community. Perfect for those seeking freedom from daily life, the game immerses you in a vibrant world with extensive customization options.

Players discover various plants and learn about herbalism, a skill essential for creating unique recipes. With over 150 in-game recipes, there's always something new to try. The game emphasizes sustainability and community building, encouraging positive contributions to the virtual environment.

Community interaction stands central in 'Out and About'. Engage with other players, share herbalism knowledge, and collaborate on community projects to build a supportive society.

Developed through a successful Kickstarter campaign with 3,159 backers pledging £137,904, the game provides an educational and enjoyable experience for all.

Dive into 'Out and About' to experience a blend of relaxation, education, and community.

Kickstarter Success

The 'Out and About' Kickstarter campaign is a testament to strong community support and enthusiasm for the game. With £137,904 raised from 3,159 backers, the project resonated deeply with its audience. By offering a range of digital editions and optional add-ons, backers could personalize their contributions, enhancing the campaign's attractiveness.

Stretch goals played a pivotal role in its success. These goals, which introduced new game features, kept the community engaged and invested. Anticipation built around elements like crafting and community-building, promising a more immersive experience.

Regular updates maintained backer interest. Through consistent communication and engagement, developers ensured backers felt involved and informed. This transparency fostered trust and loyalty, propelling the campaign forward.

The campaign's success stems from its appealing game features, strategic stretch goals, and constant community interaction. This approach exceeded backer expectations, laying a solid foundation for the game's future.

Gameplay Features

Exploring what makes 'Out and About' truly captivating, let's look at the immersive gameplay features that await you. This game offers a blend of adventure, education, and economic strategy, all while allowing you to make the most of your freedom in a beautiful open world.

Here are some key features:

  1. Foraging and Herbal Remedies: You'll identify and gather over 90 real plants and mushrooms. These can be used to create herbal remedies, adding a layer of authenticity and education as you learn about herbalism.
  2. Cooking Recipes: With over 150 in-game recipes, you can experiment in the kitchen. The companion website provides detailed plant information and recipes, enhancing the in-game experience.
  3. Local Farmers Market: Selling your gathered goods at the local farmers market is a crucial gameplay element. This adds an economic aspect, where you can earn money and interact with the community.
  4. Character Customization: You can customize your character's appearance, making your avatar truly unique as you explore the world.

The educational elements, from identifying plants to crafting herbal remedies, make 'Out and About' not just a game, but a learning experience.

Community Building

In 'Out and About,' you'll experience robust community-building elements that deepen your connection to the game world and its inhabitants. Central to this Kickstarter campaign are activities like trading ingredients, forming friendships, and town restoration. Supporting townsfolk with errands not only strengthens your ties within the game but also fosters a sense of belonging.

Backercamp played a pivotal role in crowdfunding, involving 3,159 backers who pledged £137,904. This commitment highlights the community's passion for the game's development. Regular updates on TikTok since 2021 ensure continuous community engagement and keep you informed about progress.

The game encourages player feedback and interaction, offering rewards and FAQs to enhance engagement. This community-driven approach to game development focuses on learning and improvement. By acknowledging potential knowledge gaps, the developers foster a supportive gaming community.

Player interaction in 'Out and About' creates an environment where everyone's voice matters. Your feedback directly influences game development, leading to constant improvement. The shared goal of town restoration and community building unites players, making the experience more meaningful.

Dive into a game where your actions shape the world around you, driving both personal and communal growth.

Educational Content

'Out and About' offers immersive educational content, featuring over 90 real plants and fungi. This game blends entertainment with learning, enhancing your herbalism skills.

Herbalism Skills: Gather various plants and fungi, recognizing different species and their uses.

Plant Information: Access a detailed companion website about each plant and fungi, expanding your botanical knowledge.

Recipes: Cook over 150 in-game recipes with gathered ingredients, from simple teas to complex herbal concoctions, showcasing real-life applications.

Safe Exploration: Safely identify poisonous plants in a controlled environment, learning without real-world risks.

'Out and About' explores the safe and effective use of plants.

Sell collected ingredients, providing a realistic, hands-on experience.

Dive in to explore, learn, and master herbalism.

Backer Rewards

Backer rewards for 'Out and About' offer vibrant digital items and exclusive add-ons to elevate your gaming experience. As a backer, you'll receive unique items like striking wallpapers and charming postcards, enhancing your gaming environment's aesthetics. These items embody the spirit of adventure and exploration that 'Out and About' promises.

The campaign features optional add-ons that cater to your creative side. Limited edition digital foraging cards and exclusive kitchen skins let you customize your in-game space, making it uniquely yours. With the 'Make Your Mark' add-on, you can leave unique drawings in the game world, adding a personal signature that other players can discover.

One engaging option is the 'Add Your Own Recipe' add-on, allowing you to share your culinary creations directly in the game. Another meaningful add-on is the 'Box of Positivity Message,' where you can contribute positive messages to the game community, fostering a supportive and uplifting atmosphere.

These backer rewards and add-ons enrich your experience, providing both aesthetic enhancements and opportunities for personal expression.

Release Details

You'll be excited to know that 'Out and About' is set for release on Steam for Windows, targeting an early access phase in English.

If the campaign hits its console and Switch stretch goal, you'll see it on those platforms too.

Mark your calendar for June 2024, as that's when backers can expect to start exploring the game.

Planned Steam Release

'Out and About' is launching on Steam for Windows with plans to expand to consoles and Switch through a stretch goal. This Steam release offers an engaging early access experience, allowing players to preview the game and access Kickstarter-exclusive outfits and rewards.

Yaldi Games has been developing 'Out and About' since May 2021, sharing progress on TikTok and keeping fans engaged. The game promises a community-driven experience with regular updates. Players can look forward to:

  1. Multiple language translations – Play in your preferred language, especially when identifying various plants and mushrooms.
  2. Kickstarter exclusive outfits – Stand out with unique outfits available only to early backers.
  3. Regular updates – Stay engaged with frequent updates that enhance gameplay and introduce new features.
  4. Community-driven experience – Contribute to the game's development through feedback and suggestions.

'Out and About's' Steam release aims to create an immersive, evolving world where players can explore and provide feedback, offering both freedom and engagement.

Console Stretch Goal

'Out and About' is gearing up for its Steam release, and the developers have set their sights on an ambitious Console Stretch Goal to bring the game to consoles and Switch. This move expands the game's reach, providing broader accessibility and freedom for players. Console support forms a crucial part of their plans, ensuring the game's availability on consoles upon meeting the Stretch Goal.

Including a Console & Switch Stretch Goal in the Kickstarter campaign signals the developers' commitment to a wider audience. They recognize that many gamers prefer the flexibility and convenience of console platforms. Achieving this Stretch Goal means you could enjoy 'Out and About' on your preferred device, whether it's a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch.

The game's development focuses on delivering a rich experience on Windows via Steam, but the expansion plans show a forward-looking approach. They're planning for a future release that spans multiple platforms, catering to diverse gaming preferences.

Early Access Phase

The Early Access phase for 'Out and About' presents a unique opportunity for players to engage with the game and offer essential feedback. Exclusively available in English on PC/Steam, this phase invites Kickstarter backers to experience the game early and contribute to its refinement.

Here's what you can look forward to:

  1. Exclusive Outfits and Rewards: Kickstarter backers will receive unique in-game outfits and other rewards unavailable later.
  2. Feedback and Improvements: Your feedback will directly influence game updates and improvements. The development team values your insights and will make necessary adjustments.
  3. Future Translations: Although the game is currently in English, future translations into multiple languages will enhance accessibility post-early access.
  4. Regular Updates: The game will undergo regular updates based on your feedback, ensuring continuous enhancements and a superior gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign?

To run a successful Kickstarter campaign, engage your community with regular updates, offer enticing rewards, and use platforms like Backercamp. Highlight your project's unique features, stay transparent about progress, and respond to comments to build trust.

What Do You Need for a Kickstarter Campaign?

Did you know 65% of Kickstarter projects with a video succeed? You'll need a clear project description, engaging visuals, realistic funding goals, enticing rewards, and active community engagement to make your campaign a success.

What Are the Rules for Kickstarter?

To launch a Kickstarter campaign, you've got to follow their rules on project eligibility, prohibited items, and transparency. Stay accountable to backers and avoid suspensions by adhering to these guidelines. Know the rules; keep your freedom.

How to Get Project We Love on Kickstarter?

To get the 'Project We Love' badge on Kickstarter, focus on creativity, engage your community, and plan clearly. Highlight your project's unique aspects and connect with backers. This boosts visibility and credibility, increasing your chances of success.


In conclusion, the 'Out and About' Kickstarter campaign illustrates a masterclass in community engagement and strategic planning.

You've witnessed firsthand how sustainability, customization, and transparency can transform a concept into a funded reality.

The game's success, bolstered by extensive backer rewards and community-driven updates, sets a new standard in crowdfunding.

As the game prepares for release, its journey from idea to execution stands as a testament to effective campaign management and player-focused development.


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