Kickstarter Unveils Indefinite Funding Feature Option

unlimited funding on kickstarter

Kickstarter recently launched an indefinite funding feature, aiming to provide creators with a sustainable financial model for their projects. Unlike traditional campaigns restricted to 1-60 days, this new option allows continuous financial contributions beyond the initial fundraising period. This approach not only fosters sustained creator engagement but also enables the ongoing support and growth of a project’s community. The feature underscores Kickstarter’s commitment to enhancing creative autonomy and facilitating long-term project success. Creators gain the flexibility to adapt and evolve their projects based on real-time feedback from backers. Exploring further will reveal how this innovative feature sets a new standard in crowdfunding.

Main Points

  • Kickstarter introduces an indefinite funding option, allowing projects to receive funds continuously.
  • This new feature mirrors Indiegogo’s Forever Funding, supporting ongoing contributions.
  • Creators benefit from financial stability and creative autonomy without strict deadlines.
  • Backers can engage and contribute to projects beyond the initial campaign period.
  • Continuous funding aims to foster a growing community and sustained project innovation.

Overview of Indefinite Funding

Indefinite funding models, such as those pioneered by platforms like Indiegogo, enable creators to receive financial contributions indefinitely, extending well past the initial campaign’s conclusion. This structure is beneficial for projects that garner sustained interest or need more time for development, allowing creators to perfect their offerings, engage continuously with their supporters, and navigate production complexities without the constraints of a looming deadline.

Moreover, this model allows new supporters to join and contribute to the project even after the official campaign period has ended, thereby increasing the project’s success and fostering a growing community. Indefinite funding democratizes access to resources over time, ensuring a stable influx of support that is essential for ongoing innovation and the long-term sustainability of projects.

This approach not only supports the practical needs of project development but also resonates with the community-oriented values of inclusivity and ongoing engagement, reinforcing trust and commitment among supporters.

Comparison With Indiegogo

Kickstarter’s introduction of the Late Pledge Feature contrasts with Indiegogo’s long-standing Forever Funding model, showcasing different strategies for ongoing financial support for creators. Here’s a succinct analysis of their distinctive approaches:

  1. Campaign Duration: Kickstarter supports campaigns lasting between 1 and 60 days, offering an optional Late Pledge Feature for continued funding post-campaign. On the other hand, Indiegogo allows campaigns to extend indefinitely through its Forever Funding model, promoting a seamless transition from initial funding to perpetual support.
  2. Funding Collection: On Kickstarter, creators have the autonomy to choose if they wish to enable late pledges, providing flexibility and control. In contrast, Indiegogo integrates ongoing funding as a default feature, ensuring a continuous flow of resources without additional inputs from creators.
  3. Disbursements: While Kickstarter is currently refining its disbursement process for funds collected during the late pledge phase, Indiegogo has established a routine of issuing consistent monthly payouts, offering predictability and steady financial inflow to creators.
  4. Creator Control: Kickstarter emphasizes creator control during the post-campaign phase, allowing them to tailor their funding strategy according to their project’s needs. Indiegogo’s automated system, while reducing administrative burden, offers less customization in continued funding.

Both platforms cater to the evolving needs of creators, with Kickstarter focusing on flexibility and control, and Indiegogo highlighting ease and continuity. This comparison reflects their commitment to supporting creative endeavors, albeit through different operational lenses, resonating with their respective community values and operational philosophies.

Impact on Creators and Backers

The adoption of indefinite funding options significantly bolsters the financial stability and creative latitude for project creators while providing backers with prolonged periods to connect with and contribute to projects they value. This modification ensures that creators can maintain momentum beyond the initial campaign and adapt fluidly to changing project demands, free from the rigid deadlines that usually restrict crowdfunding endeavors.

Financial StabilityContinuous revenue streamProlonged investment windows
Creative AutonomyReduced deadline stressWitness project maturation
EngagementOngoing community expansionEnhanced participation
ResponsivenessAdapt based on feedbackShape project outcomes
Commitment ManagementSet realistic expectationsTransparent communication

This framework not only empowers creators and backers but also cultivates a more vibrant and supportive crowdfunding community, fostering trust and sustained interaction. It reflects a deep understanding of the symbiotic relationship between creators and their supporters, ensuring that each project can evolve in response to community feedback and shared visions. This approach enhances the shared experience, enriching the connection between creative individuals and those who fund their visions.

Implementation and Testing

To rigorously assess the effectiveness and user reception of its innovative indefinite funding feature, Kickstarter is initiating a structured, phased testing program with selected projects. This methodical approach is designed to meticulously refine the feature by addressing any issues that arise before it is launched on a larger scale.

The testing phase includes the following meticulously planned steps:

  1. Selection of Diverse Projects: Kickstarter will carefully select a broad range of projects from various categories to evaluate the feature’s adaptability and its impact across different creative domains.
  2. Monitoring and Data Collection: The platform will continuously monitor the performance and engagement levels of each project, ensuring a robust dataset for analysis.
  3. Feedback Gathering: By gathering detailed feedback from both project creators and backers, Kickstarter aims to capture a comprehensive spectrum of experiences and suggestions for improvement.
  4. Iterative Adjustments: Based on the collected data and feedback, Kickstarter will make precise adjustments to refine and optimize the feature, ensuring it meets the needs and expectations of its community before broader deployment.

This testing strategy not only demonstrates Kickstarter’s commitment to quality and user-centric innovation but also builds trust within its community by actively seeking and incorporating their input. The phased approach reflects a thoughtful consideration of potential implications, ensuring the feature enriches the crowdfunding experience without unintended consequences.

Future Prospects

With the introduction of potentially indefinite funding, creators can leverage sustained financial support to enhance and enlarge their projects well beyond the initial fundraising period. This innovative model marks a transformative shift in project financing, freeing creators from the constraints of traditional crowdfunding timelines.

The ability to continuously solicit funds can lead to higher-quality outcomes and more ambitious projects that were previously constrained by fixed funding periods. Moreover, this model opens up participation to a wider audience, including those who initially missed the fundraising campaign but are still keen to support.

As Kickstarter explores and fine-tunes this approach, it could redefine crowdfunding norms, promoting ongoing interaction between creators and their supporter communities. This evolving framework not only fosters long-term project development but also deepens the bond between creators and backers, enhancing trust and collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Creators Adjust Reward Tiers During the Indefinite Funding Phase?

Yes, creators can adjust reward tiers during the indefinite funding phase to better accommodate ongoing interest and evolving project needs. This flexibility allows them to optimize offerings based on backer feedback and demand, ensuring the campaign remains attractive and relevant.

However, changes must be communicated clearly to current and potential backers to maintain trust and transparency, and to ensure supporters understand what they will receive for their contributions.

Are There Different Fee Structures for Funds Raised Post-Campaign?

Yes, different fee structures apply for funds raised post-campaign.

Typically, crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter charge a standard fee on pledges collected during the initial campaign.

For funds raised after the campaign’s official end, the fee percentage may vary or increase, reflecting the extended service and administrative costs involved in managing ongoing contributions.

Creators should review the specific terms provided by the platform to understand any additional fees for post-campaign fundraising.

How Does This Affect Kickstarter’s Project Success Statistics?

Kickstarter’s introduction of an indefinite funding feature could potentially alter its project success statistics significantly. By allowing creators to collect funds continuously even after the initial campaign period ends, projects might show higher overall funding totals and possibly a greater success rate.

This change could attract more creators to the platform, enhance project sustainability, and increase backer engagement, thereby improving the long-term viability and success metrics of Kickstarter projects.

What Happens if a Creator Decides to Cancel Late Pledges?

If a creator decides to cancel late pledges on Kickstarter, they must notify their backers promptly about the decision. The cancellation stops new pledges from being made and requires the creator to manage and fulfill any existing late pledges according to the original campaign promises.

This process ensures transparency and maintains trust between creators and backers, crucial for the platform’s integrity and the successful delivery of promised rewards to supporters.

Can Backers Modify Their Pledge Amounts After the Campaign Ends?

After a Kickstarter campaign concludes, backers generally cannot modify their pledge amounts. The pledge system is designed to secure a specific amount of funding within the campaign’s active period.

However, with the introduction of late pledges, backers might have opportunities for additional contributions if creators choose to engage this option.

It’s crucial for backers to verify with the campaign’s guidelines or updates regarding any post-campaign adjustments or contributions.


The introduction of indefinite funding by Kickstarter represents a significant evolution in the crowdfunding arena, mirroring strategies employed by platforms like Indiegogo. This enhancement not only broadens the horizon for creators but also deepens the well of resources available, ensuring that projects have the potential to flourish over extended periods.

As the proverb goes, ‘A rising tide lifts all boats,’ and with this innovative feature, both creators and backers are poised to ride the wave of continual support and opportunity.


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