Pixels Kickstarter: A Creative Campaign Overview

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Imagine a tabletop game where every roll of the dice illuminates your space with vibrant, customizable LED patterns. The Pixels Kickstarter campaign offers just that, blending technology with traditional gaming. You'll find features like Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries, ensuring endless hours of gameplay without interruptions. With various pricing tiers and exclusive backer rewards, there's something for every enthusiast. The integration with smartphones and other devices promises a seamless experience. Curious about the unique customization options and what makes this campaign stand out? Let's explore the key elements that might just revolutionize your gaming nights.

Main Points

  • Pixels dice feature customizable LED lighting patterns and sound effects via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Pricing ranges from $5 to $999, with various tiers and optional add-ons.
  • Backer rewards include miniature displays, deck boxes, and exclusive merchandise.
  • Devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops are compatible with Pixels dice.
  • Estimated worldwide delivery is set for March 2022, with specific shipping options available.

Product Features

Pixels Kickstarter introduces LED-filled dice that are customizable, rechargeable, and ideal for tabletop gaming. These dice revolutionize gameplay with customizable lighting patterns that add visual flair to each roll. You can select various colors and effects, making every roll a unique visual experience.

The rechargeable battery ensures your dice are always ready, lasting several hours on a single charge. Plug them in when not in use, and you'll never face power interruptions mid-game. These dice are also robust, designed to endure intense gameplay. Their waterproof construction means spills or accidents won't disrupt your fun.

Bluetooth connectivity offers seamless integration with an accompanying app, giving you full control over your dice. Program lighting effects and ensure fair rolls thanks to their balanced design. Pixels, slightly heavier than traditional dice, provide a satisfying heft while maintaining fairness in every roll.

Customization Options

Pixels Kickstarter dice offer full customization of lighting patterns and sound effects for a unique gaming experience. These LED-filled dice are designed for maximum personalization to fit your style. The Pixels app provides complete control over each die's lighting and sound effects.

Key features include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: Sync your dice with apps and devices to enhance gameplay.
  • Charging case: Each die comes with a charging case for convenience and uninterrupted play.
  • Personalized experiences: Tailor lighting and sound effects to match your preferences.

Customization options are nearly endless. The Pixels app lets you create specific color patterns for different game states or unique sound effects for critical rolls.

Bluetooth connectivity ensures seamless communication with other devices, adding immersion to your tabletop games.

Each die is practical and customizable, offering the ultimate personalized gaming experience.

Pricing Tiers

Pixels Kickstarter offers a range of pricing tiers to suit every budget and preference. Whether you're a casual gamer or a dedicated collector, the campaign provides pledge options from $5 to $999, accommodating various quantities and combinations of dice.

You can choose from different tiers based on the number of dice and sets you desire. A basic tier is available for those wanting a sample, while higher tiers offer larger sets and unique combinations. These options let backers select the perfect set for their gaming needs.

Worldwide shipping ensures everyone can enjoy these custom dice. The estimated delivery is March 2022, providing a clear timeline for when to expect your pledge.

Optional add-ons allow you to customize your set even further. With various designs and sizes at different price points, there's something for everyone. Whether you want a single set or multiple, the pricing tiers and worldwide delivery make it easy for backers to get exactly what they want.

Backer Rewards

Backer rewards for the Kickstarter campaign offer a range of exciting options tailored to various preferences and budgets. Early bird tiers start at $19, while more comprehensive packages cater to both casual supporters and dedicated enthusiasts.

Rewards include:

  • Miniature displays: Showcase your collection elegantly.
  • Deck boxes: Keep your cards organized in style.
  • All-in packages: Obtain everything for the ultimate experience.

The Merchant tier, priced at $200, provides exclusive rewards unavailable in other tiers, making it ideal for those seeking something special. You can also pledge without reward to support the campaign simply.

Multiple reward tiers accommodate different preferences and budgets, ensuring there's an option for everyone.

Shipping Details

When it comes to shipping, you'll be pleased to know that Pixels Kickstarter offers worldwide delivery for all pledge tiers.

Estimated delivery is set for March 2022, but keep an eye on specific shipping estimates based on your chosen set or dice combination.

Additionally, larger sets come with To-Go carrying cases, making it easier for you to transport your rewards.

Global Delivery Timing

Global Delivery Timing

The Pixels Kickstarter project guarantees global shipping, ensuring worldwide backers receive their rewards by March 2022. This project has been meticulously planned to ensure timely delivery of your new sets and dice combinations.

Shipping details will vary based on several factors, including your pledge tier and location. The team has provided tailored shipping estimates to manage logistics efficiently, ensuring seamless reward arrivals.

Key points to consider include:

  • Pledge Tier: Shipping timelines may differ across tiers.
  • Location: Delivery times vary by geographical location.
  • Specific Shipping Estimates: Tailored estimates improve logistics management.

Shipping Options Overview

Is worldwide shipping available for the Pixels Kickstarter campaign?

Yes, worldwide shipping is available for all pledge tiers. Various shipping options cater to different locations, ensuring smooth delivery of your rewards.

Each reward tier includes specific shipping estimates, so you know when to expect your package. The estimated delivery date for all backers is March 2022. Limited quantities for some reward tiers might affect shipping availability. Secure your desired dice set or option quickly to avoid delays.

Shipping costs and methods will be outlined during the pledge process, tailored to your location. Whether you're in New York or New Zealand, the campaign delivers your rewards efficiently.

Project Milestones

The Pixels Kickstarter campaign reached an impressive $3,502,960 in pledges from 24,912 backers. This support showed the community's enthusiasm and commitment to the project's creative vision. Throughout the campaign, several key milestones ensured the project progressed despite challenges.

Backers were crucial to the campaign's success. They were acknowledged not just with thanks but also by being included in the code base and the official Pixels app. This gesture reinforced the project's community-driven spirit. The campaign's delivery dates ranged from August 2021 to March 2022, with a 12-month estimated shipping time.

Notable milestones include:

  • Massive Pledges: Raising over $3.5 million in pledges surpassed initial expectations.
  • Community Engagement: Involving backers directly in the project enhanced their connection to Pixels.
  • Production Timeline: Managing production and delivery challenges while adhering to estimated shipping times.

The journey wasn't without its challenges. The production process navigated various obstacles to meet promised delivery dates. These achievements showcase the project's resilience and creative efforts.

Risks and Challenges

Navigating the risks and challenges of the Pixels Kickstarter campaign requires detailed planning and clear communication. Bringing a first physical product to market is a significant endeavor. Close collaboration with manufacturing partners ensures successful production and aims to meet the 12-month shipping timeline. Potential risks like shipment delays and global supply chain disruptions could impact this schedule.

Transparent communication with backers is fundamental. Keeping everyone updated on progress, potential delays, and solutions to challenges builds trust and sustains support. A well-defined plan for addressing these issues is crucial.

Challenge Description Mitigation Strategy
Manufacturing delays Issues with production timelines Regular updates with manufacturing partners
Shipment delays Delays in shipping due to various factors Buffer time in estimated shipping
Supply chain issues Global supply chain disruptions affecting material access Diversify suppliers and materials
Communication gaps Lack of updates causing backer dissatisfaction Regular and transparent communication
Quality control Ensuring high quality of the physical product Rigorous quality checks at every stage

Strategic planning and a commitment to transparency will lead to a successful campaign. Balancing ambition with realistic execution is key.

Integration and Compatibility

When it comes to integration and compatibility, Pixels Electronic Dice use Bluetooth to connect seamlessly with your devices, allowing for easy customization and communication.

The accompanying app enhances your experience with sound effects and direct interaction based on dice rolls.

You can enjoy these advanced features or simply use Pixels as functional, balanced dice, making them versatile for any gaming setup.

Bluetooth Connectivity Features

Pixels dice leverage Bluetooth technology to seamlessly connect with apps and devices, enhancing your gaming experience. These electronic dice provide robust connectivity, effortlessly integrating with the companion app to offer features you'll love:

  • Sound effects: Trigger sound effects based on your dice rolls, immersing you deeper into the game.
  • Direct communication: Enable direct communication between the dice and your device for real-time updates.
  • Customization: Tailor the dice's functionality to suit your preferences, thanks to flexible Bluetooth integration.

The companion app adds layers of customization and functionality to your gaming sessions. Imagine rolling your Pixels dice and hearing custom sound effects echoing your throw, all thanks to seamless Bluetooth communication. This direct communication ensures every roll is captured and transmitted in real time.

Ongoing discussions with various platforms aim to broaden direct integration, making your Pixels dice even more versatile. While Bluetooth connectivity greatly enhances the experience, it's optional, ensuring the dice remain functional even without it. This gives you the freedom to enjoy gaming on your terms.

Device Compatibility Options

Pixels dice integrate seamlessly into your gaming setup, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. Utilizing Bluetooth, these electronic dice connect effortlessly to your phone, tablet, or any device with an HTML5 capable browser. The Pixels app, a companion tool, provides extensive customization options, including setting sound effects for specific rolls and communicating directly with the dice. This phone integration enhances your tabletop games, adding interactivity and immersion.

Device compatibility is comprehensive:

Device Type Features
Smartphones Bluetooth connectivity, Pixels app integration
Tablets Bluetooth connectivity, Pixels app integration
Laptops HTML5 capable browser, Bluetooth connectivity
Desktop Computers HTML5 capable browser, Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity, while available for advanced features, isn't required for basic use. This makes Pixels dice user-friendly and versatile. Ongoing discussions with various platforms aim to expand direct integration capabilities, keeping Pixels dice future-proof. Whether customizing your gaming experience or simply rolling the dice, the Pixels app offers a robust and flexible solution for all your tabletop gaming needs.

Backer Acknowledgment

Backers' names will be featured in both the codebase and the official Pixels app as a token of our gratitude. This inclusion will acknowledge your support and contributions, ensuring you're woven into the fabric of the project. You're not just a backer; you're a part of the Pixels community.

Here's what you can expect from our backer acknowledgment:

  • Name Inclusion: Your name will be embedded in the codebase and prominently displayed within the official Pixels app.
  • Transparent Communication: We'll keep you updated with estimated delivery dates and any changes during the campaign.
  • Community Engagement: You'll be recognized as a key member of the Pixels community.

We're committed to maintaining clear and honest communication throughout the campaign. You'll receive regular updates about the project's progress, including estimated delivery dates for different pledge levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Colors of Dice in Pixels?

You've got a choice of colors for Pixels dice: red, blue, green, and purple. Each die lights up with customizable LED patterns, letting you program unique effects and combinations through the companion app to suit your style.

How to Connect Pixels Dice to Roll20?

Imagine connecting your Pixels dice to Roll20 is like unlocking a secret passage. Just use the Pixels companion app to pair them via Bluetooth, and you'll enjoy seamless integration with customized lighting and sound effects in no time.


You've seen the vibrant features, explored the customization options, and weighed the pricing tiers.

Pixels Kickstarter isn't just another crowdfunding campaign; it's a step into the future of tabletop gaming.

With seamless integration and comprehensive backer rewards, you're not just supporting a project—you're joining a community.

The risks and challenges are transparent, but the potential rewards make it worthwhile.

Backing Pixels means you're part of something innovative and exciting.

Ready to roll the dice?


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