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CrowdLift is a go-to author for anyone looking to learn about crowdfunding on the web. He breaks down the big idea of raising money online into easy steps. Crowdlift loves the industry and wants to help creators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. Crowdlift is nspired by the big names in crowdfunding, such as: Sheridan Bartlett: He knows a lot about the best ways to run a crowdfunding campaign, and his advice has helped lots of projects succeed. Anna Makes Money: She focuses on teaching women about money and how to use crowdfunding. She's helped many women start their own businesses. Keep up with the newest trends to bring you helpful articles, detailed analyses of campaigns, and opinions from pros. Whether you've run a crowdfunding campaign before or are just thinking about starting one, Crowdlift is here to help you understand and succeed in the exciting world of crowdfunding.

crowdfunding success stories abound

5 Companies That Blew Through Crowdfunding Goals

Learn how five companies, from VR pioneers to stylish watchmakers, turned crowdfunding dreams into multimillion-dollar realities, and discover their secrets to success.
ideal crowdfunding business types

5 Business Types That Are Perfect for Crowdfunding

Starting a business can be exciting, but sometimes you don’t have enough money to do it all by yourself. This is where crowdfunding can help. Crowdfunding is when you get a lot of people...
crowdfunding for nonprofits explained

Nonprofit Guide to Crowdfunding – Successful Strategies

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a big hit. Lots of people poured ice water over their heads and donated money for a disease called ALS. This was a type of fundraising called crowdfunding....
cutting edge tech projects crowdfunded

10 Innovative Tech Ideas for Crowdfunding

You might think the best tech ideas are already out there, but innovators never stop surprising us. Imagine locking your door or growing herbs with just a tap on your phone. These are just...
startup pitch deck blueprint

Creating the Perfect Crowdfunding Startup Pitch Deck

When you’re getting ready to face a lot of startup competition, you’re at a big moment. You’re about to try to catch something huge: investors for your new business. Your pitch deck is more...
investing with yieldstreet explained

Yieldstreet Crowdfunding Platform Review: Pros and Cons

When you look for new ways to invest, Yieldstreet seems like an exciting option. It’s like finding a new land full of treasures, different from usual investments like stocks and bonds. Yieldstreet is a...
revealing the best crowdfunding

Top 8 Best Crowdfunding Sites for Startups

Like a map to hidden treasure, the right crowdfunding site can unlock the potential of your startup, guiding you to the resources you need to succeed. Choosing the right crowdfunding platform for your startup...
innovative crowdfunding campaign ideas

10 Creative and Simple Crowdfunding Ideas

You’ve identified a cause, pinpointed a need, and envisioned the impact; now, it’s time to harness the collective power of community through crowdfunding. As you set out on this journey, remember that a creative...
crowdfunding platforms for indie films

Crowdfunding Your Indie Film: Top 15 Platforms for Every Vision & Budget

How will you fund your cinematic dream? Picture the journey of an independent filmmaker, navigating an ocean of financial uncertainty. Gone are the days when the only route to silver screen success was paved...
choosing the right crowdfunding

Crowdfunding for Small Business: Which Type is Best for You

Crowdfunding has turned the tables for small businesses seeking funds. You need to choose wisely between debt, equity, reward-based, or donor crowdfunding. Each path presents its own set of benefits and responsibilities, crucial for...